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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Triple coupons!!!

I don't remember seeing this fantastic offer before, so when I saw the ad this week, I immediately planned a quick shopping trip. Usually our local Schnucks grocery store offers double coupons up to 40c every day. So, in this area, to see triple coupons up to 50c is awesome!

How it works...just like it sounds...for every coupon (up to 50cents) you use, each one will TRIPLE, so if an item's price is less than $1.50, and you use a 50c coupon on it, it turns out to be free!

Since I saw several things that we like on the coupon matchup site that I use, it was definitely worth the time spent planning, which was maybe an hour to write my list and clip/print my coupons.

This is the pile of Sunday coupon inserts that I clipped from. The oldest was from August, so save those inserts for 3 months! (That's generally when most coupons in an insert will have expired.)

This is my pile of coupons that I clipped and took to the store with me!

Schnucks only allows 15 coupons per trip, but I had a few extra in case they were out of something or if I changed my mind on any item. I also had a $5 coupon from an old mailer that I hadn't used yet. Not knowing if they would grant it or not, I explained where I got it from and pointed out that it had no expiration date, so the cashier gladly granted it! Too bad that one couldn't triple! Ha!

This is what I bought for $11.50. I did buy few things (including chicken) that were on sale that I didn't use coupons for, so they are not pictured...but that is why my grand total is higher than $11.50.
But I wanted to know exactly what I spent on my triple coupon items.

In all, I saved $41! This includes sales and coupons.

I usually just use coupons on household items, and occasionally use a coupon on a food item. But every once in awhile when I see an offer like this, it's too good to pass up. And if you have just a little extra time, it's absolutely worth the effort to clip those coupons and plan an extra shopping trip!

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