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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY Big Screen Stand

We recently made a big purchase, and with that big purchase came a big project to go with it.
We bought a new 60" TV (the first TV we have bought in over 10 years!) and needed a stand for it. Thanks to hubs' part time job in the maintenance dept during his college years, he became quite the handyman. And he was easily able to build himself a TV stand for his new big boy toy.
He didn't even really draw out plans; he just had the measurements in his head - unusual for him but it worked out great! He built it for about a third of the cost of what it would have been at retail. What would normally cost close to $300, he spent less than $ a weekend. That was the cost for the lumber. The other materials and tools needed we had on hand.
He bought furniture-grade pine at Lowe's:

The dimensions are 64" wide/20" deep/16" height.
The 2 cubbies are about 14" wide.
Here it is in its new home aka the Man Cave:

Check out the awesome routing job on the edges:

Thank you honey!


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