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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Girl Scouts November Meeting

Wow! 1 hour just doesn't seem to be long enough for these meetings.

We had 3 new girls this month! Exciting! So we are up to 11 Brownies now.

We opened with the Promise.

Then we moved on to our activity, which was ironing on our new Patches onto our sashes. Each girl received the flag, the council patch, and the troop numbers. Now that they know how to do it, they can iron the rest of their patches at home (with adult supervision of course!) With a couple girls not present, and the new girls needing sashes, we only had 5 sashes to do, but with 2 irons and 2 parents helping the girls, it took most of our time.

So they learned a new skill, which is one of the things that girl scouting is all about, right? And they have something to wear for their outing this weekend!

We barely had time for our closing. We sang Make New Friends, and did our Friendship squeeze. And since I like to do atleast one thing new each time, I asked each girl to compliment the girl whose hand she was squeezing. Most of the compliments were about hair, shirts, and shoes. So we will dive into the Girl Scout Law and talk more about character virtues some more so that they can think of something a little "deeper" next time.

We are excited for our outing this Saturday at the local Children's Museum!

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