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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BEE Snacks

Laila's preschool uses Beatrice Bee for their school mascot. She encourages the kids to use positive behavior and make good choices. Laila's class earned 30 "bees" so they got to have a "BEE" party! Complete with costumes and pizza...and these adorable little bee snacks!

You only need 5 things to make them.
And if you can:
frost a cookie,
open a candy bar,
and cut a marshmallow in half,
you CAN make these!!

I saw them on Family Fun click HERE for the link to see their version. For the cookie part, I used Keebler striped cookies. They are bigger and I thought the stripes were perfect for the bee theme.

1. Add yellow food coloring to white frosting to create yellow frosting.
2. Frost the cookies
3. Place a mini Twix bar on top of each cookie
4. Cut a marshmallow into fourths, diagonally workers best to create "wings", and place 2 wings on each bee.
5. Scoop remaining frosting into the corner of a sandwich Baggie, cut open a tiny hole in the corner, and squiggle the lines onto the bee's back.
6. I had enough frosting to put 2 drops on the front of each Twix, creating eyes.

*Tip: lightly wet your fingers when working with marshmallows; it helps with the "stickiness"!


  1. These look great but don't you think that there should be some honey in the ingredients since after all they are bees?

  2. Good idea Dad! I guess a little honey could be mixed in with the frosting!