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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shirt sleeve scrunchies

After 3 years of t-ball and machine pitch, Emma is now in the minor leagues! Go Freer Flyers!
The softball season will be over by the end of June, but there are still some pretty hot summer days during June, which makes for some pretty sweaty ballgames, which last 2 hours now.

So to keep the girls cool during the games, I made shirt sleeve scrunchies in their team color (lime green).

Let me tell you how awesomely cool this ribbon is...I can't think of anything cuter for a girls softball team!
Softball themed words including swing, run, catch, throw, and then a ball cap with lips and a ponytail with "Like a Girl" font. :)

You can make these with fabric, but the tutorials I saw involved sewing which is not my forte. So I looked everywhere for softball themed ribbon but the craft stores only had baseball, or the basic white ribbon with softballs on it...boriiinnnggg. So I ended up finding some really cute ribbon on Etsy! My custom order for 5 yards of ribbon came in less than a week, and cost me about $8 including shipping. The rest of the supplies I bought at Walmart. I used 3/8" elastic and 5/8" Velcro.

Other supplies needed are a lighter (for ribbon de-fraying), ruler, and scissors.

I found a pretty good video on you tube (click HERE to watch it) that I watched over and over ...and over again. Once I made a couple scrunchies I was on a roll!

This is how much I needed of each supply for a team of 18 girls:

Ribbon...not sure how many yards I used because I cut according to the design, not by length. ( see next paragraph) but you need about 3 inches for each sleeve, or 6 inches for each girl.

Velcro...same amount as ribbon.

Elastic...3.5 inches for each sleeve

I hot glued everything together, according to the video.

The tricky part was that with the ribbon I chose, the 2" Velcro pieces were too long. So I had to figure out the best length of ribbon, then cut the Velcro to fit. And since the different pictures on the
ribbon were slightly different in size, some of the Velcro pieces had to be trimmed accordingly. I used a lighter to singe the ribbon ends to prevent fraying.

After final trimming and leftover glue-string removal, they looked pretty cute!

{Ignore the koolaid mustache!:)}

We brought them to practice and the girls couldn't wait to try them out!

Here's to a great season girls!!

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  1. Hi was wondering where you found this fabric, it would match my teams color perfect. I have looked everywhere for it and all I can find is pink or white :( please help