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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Girl Scouts Fall Meetings

I am just going to lump our last 2 meetings into 1 post since I am a little behind on my blogging.

November meeting
One of our Girl Scouts traveled south for vacation over the summer and stopped in Savannah, Georgia to visit the home of Juliette Gordon Low. She made a poster and shared the things she saw and did, and gave each of us a postcard with a portrait of her. The girls earned the Playing the Past badge by talking about this.

Our craft was a Girl Scout law craft. I bought small colored Popsicle sticks at a Dollar Tree (100 for $1). They wrote out the law on the sticks, then I helped them hot glue the sticks together with ribbon. Now they can hang them in their rooms, or wherever they want, to remind them of the virtues that Girl Scouts should aim to hold.

For an activity, we went to the corn maze. I don't have a picture. The first time we went, we got rained out right when we arrived, but the weather cooperated the second time. Half of our troop earned badges for this outing.

December meeting
We made ornaments for our craft. I bought clear plastic ornaments at Walmart for .88cents each. I painted their names on using puffy paint prior to the meeting. I wanted them decorate their own, but when I tried it out, it was crazy messy and took a long time to dry, so I knew we wouldn't be able to paint during the meeting. So during the meeting, they cut strips of paper, wrote out the Girl Scout law (yes! The law again) on them (silver and gold sharpies really make it pretty!), curled the strips, and put them inside the ornaments. We used red and green ribbon to add a little Christmas color to them.


They also earned Early Bird Badges for registering in the spring.

And Bridging to Juniors bridges.
(I really need to find Emma's daisy and brownie pins so I can add them to her Junior vest!)

A few of the girls are involved in Lego Robotics and so we showed the troop how the robot works and did a little demo. More on that coming soon!

In lieu of Christmas caroling this year, We plan to support our community by ringing bells for the Salvation Army next week. Hoping for decent weather!

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