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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Monster University Birthday

Emma is obsessed with Monsters University! We took the kids to see it opening weekend (way back in June). It was a great family movie. And she hasn't stopped talking about it. On vacation, she bought a stuffed Sulley and has wanted a Mike Wazowski ever since. She mentions it every. Single. Day. Here is a picture after our Disney store trip. Thank goodness her Grandma ordered him and she got him for her birthday! Laila picked out Sophia the First princess figurines and tea set.


Naturally, she asked for a Monsters University birthday this year. So for her party, she invited a bunch of girls from her softball team. We chose to have it at a frozen yogurt place. Since she was bringing store bought cupcakes (with Monsters U rings on top, of course!) to school for her birthday, we decided to make our own cake for her big party. After googling, "pinteresting", and "you-tubing" Monster U cakes, I came up with a simple plan of action. I saw a you tube video of someone frosting Sulley cupcakes where they made the frosting look like his fur. So I used that idea for a cake.

Sulley cakes out of the oven...

I used 6", 8", and 9" round cake pans. I used white cake mix and dyed the mix teal and purple to create a tyedye cake effect. However, to my sheer disappointment, the cake fell apart when I removed them from the pans, even though they were cooled. I have no idea what happened but I wonder if it has something to do with all the food coloring changing the chemistry of the batter. Anyway, they went straight to the trash :(

Luckily I had batter leftover so I used it to make cupcakes, which turned out perfect.  Then I made buttercream frosting and also dyed it teal and purple. I used my Wilton frosting tool with the star tip to create the furry effect.

The cupcakes were not enough for everyone, so I did have to run to the store for 2 chocolate chip cookie cakes, which kids love!

She loved it, which is all that matters!

This frozen yogurt place puts whipped cream mustaches on the birthday kid, which is a hoot!

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