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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY American Girl gymnastics bars

My handyman hubby just keeps the projects coming!
This weekend he built our girls a set of uneven bars for their American girl dolls.

1 10' PVC pipe
6 PVC elbows
2 PVC tees
duck tape (for decor)

We bought everything at Home Depot for $15. The cost was $9 for the pipe and pieces and another $8 for the two rolls of duck tape. See the girls holding all their supplies...

He used a saw to cut the 10ft pipe into these lengths:

2 @22"
2 @10"
4 @14"

The whole project took about 30min to put together...very easy!!
After fitting the pipes together, we wrapped duck tape around them.

Here is Laila trying it out inside. Of course McKenna has to share the equipment with Lalaloopsy (Laila has named this one "Beatrice.") And this would work with most dolls.
For smaller dolls, you could just shorten the heights, or for taller dolls, raise them higher.
Just figure your measurements before you start cutting.
Since this project was so easy, the girls and I think we need a balance beam now.
Stay tuned for more craftiness!

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