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Monday, February 18, 2013

Girl Scouts February Meeting

This month we covered World Thinking Day. It is a scout tradition where we think about issues that affect girls and women from other countries. This year's themes are "Together we can save children’s lives” and “Every mother’s life and health is precious." I found some free printable coloring pages of girl scouts around the world that I brought for the girls to color until meeting time started.  Click HERE for the link if your troop is interested.

Our friend, Laura (who was this troop's leader last year!), who is also a surgical assistant and works in obstetrics at a local hospital came in to talk to us about what it is like to work on the maternity floor. We talked about why it is important to take good care of babies and everything she does to make sure that babies are safe and healthy when they are born. The girls asked LOTS of questions, but the "big" question never came up! Lol. She even brought some gowns, masks, hair nets, and even foot protectors (not sure if there is a technical term for those?) for the girls to try on. So much fun for them! Thank you so much Laura!!

Next we played a game called The Link Game. I started the game off by telling the girls something about myself, such as, "I have 2 cats at home." If any of the girls has a cat, they must race to me and link arms with me. If there is more than one person, then the first person to get to you links arms and the other girl will have to wait for another opportunity. The girl who has linked arms with you now says something about herself, such as, "my favorite color is yellow." Any girl with yellow then tried to link arms with her. The game continues until everyone has linked arms to form a chain. Tell the girls that this shows how you all are linked together now by common interests. They like it so much we played it twice!

Upcoming Events:

Since these Brownies will be "bridging" to Juniors this Spring, we have a couple things that we need to do in order to earn our "Junior wings". one of them is attending a local Daisy meeting to talk to them about what it's like to be a Brownie, and to share ideas between the troops. So we will be doing that later this month. We are also planning a meeting with a Junior troop to share the same kinds of ideas.

We also just turned in our cookie order forms and will be delivering them soon. We are also planning our cookie booth weekend. Since this will be our first ever cookie booth, I think our March meeting will be focused on that. So cookie business is keeping us busy outside of our meetings.

And some very good news to share is that the girls earned enough cookie money to earn a trip to the St Louis Magic House overnight camp-in! They are VERY excited about this!!

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