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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine Happenings

I have made it to the halfway point of p90X! I am loving it. It definitely takes discipline and hard work. In fact, my life has been so consumed with working out and healthy menu planning, shopping, cooking, that my crafting has taken a back seat. I do miss it (a lot!) but I don't have much time for it these days. I didn't even decorate for Valentines Day this year!

I did manage a small project that had been on my heart for awhile. I wanted to make one of those fabric scrap tutus for Laila. I had leftover valentine fabric and princess fabric and managed to have enough to cut plenty of strips for the skirt. I cut about 40 strips, each 2 inches wide. I hot glued a piece of elastic end to end and just tied the fabric strips around the elastic. I used brand new pinking shears to prevent the edges from fraying, but they are fraying anyway, not sure why? But I still like the textured edges that they give to the pieces. I decided it does need some tulle to give it a little volume. But I don't have any, so I can always add it later. She loved it so much I knew she wanted it right away, so she wore it on valentines day. She had 2 parties; her preK party, and Emma's classroom party. She loves LOVES loves it, and that is a success! She also wore her "LOVE" tee that I made for her last year.

For her preK party, I made small treat bags to attach her valentine cards to. She picked out Lalaloopsy cards (surprise surprise :) ). I used teddy Graham's, alphabet cookies, gummy bears, and valentine m&m s in the treat bags. I tied the valentine cards on with ribbon.

For her teachers, I stole an idea off Pinterest. There is a free printable that gives you 4 tags on one sheet that says "I was "soapin' you'd be my valentine! You attach that to a soap bottle and it is a cute gift that any teacher can use. Here is the link to the printable; click here.

For Emma's classroom party ( I never have time to manage to take any pictures) we played valentine bingo and made fruit/marshmallow kabobs. These are a huge hit! I also made these chocolate pretzel m&m treats. These were very quick to make, the only time consumer is unwrapping all the chocolates ( I used Dove chocolate hearts, or you can use kisses), but I did all these during one episode of Max and Ruby.

Here they are with daddy getting ready to go to the preK Sweetheart dance.
Yes, I went too, I'm just the lady behind the camera!

Our valentine celebrations extended through the weekend because our beautiful cousin, Mallory, got married! Everything was gorgeous with lots of pink!


If anyone can figure out how to make these collages appear larger, let me know! I cannot seem to make them any bigger. :(

Congratulations Mallory and Gil!!!

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