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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentine Rag Wreath

Time for another wreath!
We are still in the midst of some long cold winter months (especially this winter, geez! We have had a total of 8 snow/ice/windchill days off schol and it is only the last week of January!) but you can cheer up your home by adding some Valentine d├ęcor.

For this rag wreath, I used red burlap I bought at Walmart for $2.99/yd. Cut it into strips of about 8" or so (not accurately or anything) and tied them around a wire wreath form. This is very easy to do but since I didn't wash the burlap first, it shed all over me and the floor, so just a little messy.

Next I printed off "love" letters onto cardstock, punched them out, and distressed the edges. They still didn't stand out enough for me so I added some plain colored burlap by cutting out some shapes a little larger than the punches and hot gluing them to it. Then attached the cutouts to twine and spaced it out cattywampus ( I really wanted to use that word:) across the center of my wreath. Yes that really is a word, it came to my mind and I looked it up and technically it means "not exactly centered or straight."

Then I made some white felt flowers to attach to the bottom corner. The large one was 6 circles folded in fourths and hot glued in place. The other two are each circles cut like the picture below and rolled and hot glued into place.

Hope everyone is enjoying their winter and all the extra days with the kids at home! I'm pretty sure we'll be having more school closings in the next couple weeks so I have a couple Valentine crafts I'm thinking of to entertain the kids.

Happy Valentines everyone!