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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Girl Scouting

Several days ago I held my first girl scout brownie troop meeting. Our troop has about 8 girls (including Emma) and most of them were Daisies together. This is my first year as their troop leader. For our opening, I started out by asking the girls to sit in a circle while I passed out the registration forms to the parents and collected fees. I also passed out a sign up sheet for snacks and drinks. We meet once a month, so each family gets about one turn for snacks.

Then we reviewed the girl scout promise. Most of them remembered it...with just a little prompting!

Then, since it was the first meeting of the year and we had a couple new members, we went around the circle and I asked each girl to share things about herself. Her name, age, school, and her favorite girl scout outing from last year. Then we talked about ideas for outings for this year. I looked through the guide book and made notes on activities in our area, and asked them which of those sounded like fun to them. This will help me plan activities throughout the year.

After  chatting a little and "getting to know you", we moved to the tables for crafttime. This one was simple. I had them color pictures for the girl scout holiday card contest. They had to draw something holiday-ish while incorporating girl scouting into the theme. The winner's design will be used for our council's holiday card, and each age group has one design chosen to be featured on the website.

Here are their creations...good luck Brownies!

After crafting was snacktime, nom nom. I brought, of course, BROWNIES for my BROWNIES! I didn't get a picture of them all elaborately decorated with powdered sugar, but believe me they were devoured!

For our closing, I read the "Brownie Story" and gave each girl an action part. The story is about 2 brownie girls, their father, their granny, and a wise old owl. Click HERE for a link to the story if you would like to read it to your troop. They could hardly finish the story they got so giggly! Then we formed our friendship circle, sang the "Make New Friends" song, and dismissed.

Looking forward to a great year! Go Brownies!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY Halloween wreath

I LOVE fall!

It has always been my favorite season. I usually decorate with lots of pumpkins, but I only have a few "Halloweeny" decor items. This year, my front door was going to get a splash of Halloween on it, and I am really into making wreaths, so I made a Halloween wreath. I chose to avoid the creepy, scary theme and just used lots of orange and black colors.

My starting materials

I started with an old 8" grapevine wreath from my mother-in-law's shed, and spray painted it black. 8" is a small wreath, so to make it appear fuller, I cut and tied strips of black tulle around it, tutu style! The strips were about 3"x 12" each. I also tied on some ribbon! VaVaVoom! Instant volume!

Then I added the final felt flowers, and some fun "EEK" letters.

Don't you just love the little bat hanging out on them? He's an eraser left over from last year's Halloween goodies.

Hope you like it!

Here it is on our front door, ready to welcome Trick-or-Treaters...

My cost for this project:

Tulle $3
Orange Felt { I only needed 1 piece for all 5 flowers}. 20cents.

I already had the wreath form, paint, ribbon, and even the EEK letters on hand. I bought the letters last year but never used them. You can find them at Michaels for mere pennies though!

Happy Halloween!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hobby Lobby Trip!

I made a trip to Hobby Lobby this weekend... (insert happy dance here!)

And this is what I brought home with me:

Natural Osnaburg fabric (similar to linen and an inexpensive price of only $3.99/ yard)

---for one of my pillow projects

Coordinating fabrics (@30%off) in grey and yellow

--- also for one of my pillow projects

Really super cute felt. Sparkly white, polka dot, and ice cream pattern!

I didn't  even know they had felt this cute! (50c each)

Black acrylic paint ( 67c) --- a necessity for many projects

Letter "K" in curly font ($1 each) --- perfect for wreaths for our front door

Scalloped circle punch (@40% off) and glue dots (used 40%off coupon) --- for scrapbooking

School-themed scrapbook paper (@50% off, I scored these for only 29c each!)

--- for teacher gifts

I also scored a never-been-used "Stampin' Up" brand stamping set at a garage sale

($2, probably a $20-30 value):

Now I can get busy with one of the many projects I've been talking about!

Time to get my CRAFT on!!!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A New look!

Welcome to my new blog look!

I hope you like it!

I'm still working on updating all the links, but from now on, all posts will be made to this new page.