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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hobby Lobby Trip!

I made a trip to Hobby Lobby this weekend... (insert happy dance here!)

And this is what I brought home with me:

Natural Osnaburg fabric (similar to linen and an inexpensive price of only $3.99/ yard)

---for one of my pillow projects

Coordinating fabrics (@30%off) in grey and yellow

--- also for one of my pillow projects

Really super cute felt. Sparkly white, polka dot, and ice cream pattern!

I didn't  even know they had felt this cute! (50c each)

Black acrylic paint ( 67c) --- a necessity for many projects

Letter "K" in curly font ($1 each) --- perfect for wreaths for our front door

Scalloped circle punch (@40% off) and glue dots (used 40%off coupon) --- for scrapbooking

School-themed scrapbook paper (@50% off, I scored these for only 29c each!)

--- for teacher gifts

I also scored a never-been-used "Stampin' Up" brand stamping set at a garage sale

($2, probably a $20-30 value):

Now I can get busy with one of the many projects I've been talking about!

Time to get my CRAFT on!!!


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