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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Girl Scouts March meeting

Cookies Cookies Cookies!!!

Whew! We are finished with all that cookie busines...til next year anyway!

This was my car after picking up 56 cases of cookies from the individual girl sales:

Set up in family room:

So cookies were our theme for the past few months! As soon as we delivered our cookies from our individual girl sales, it was time to plan for our cookie booth weekend. And since it was our first ever booth, we spent our meeting talking cookie business.

We talked about customer service, financial responsibility, making change, goal setting, even the importance of knowing your product, so we reviewed each type of cookie and how to help a customer choose a type if they are unsure.

Then we decorated some posterboard to hang on our booth.

We had originally scheduled our cookie booth day for Sun, Mar 24, which happened to be the day we were dumped, blessed with 16 inches of snow! So we rescheduled for 2 weeks later, and ended up having beautiful weather! At first we were prepared to wear winter coats and survive the cold, but you can see that we ended up wearing shorts! What a change in 2 weeks! That's Illinois for ya!

The girls made up songs, danced, and just really had a good time. We made enough profit to save for some fun things next fall. We even had one VERY nice woman (a stranger to us, but a fellow former girl scout) give us a very generous donation, which amounted to more than we made at our booth the entire day! So the girls learned about how important it is to make friends and be courteous with everyone they meet. Sure wish I could go back and thank her again and tell her how much it means to us!

Thank you to everyone who bought girl scout cookies, and remember to always Pay It Forward!

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