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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Girl Scouts April Meeting

My Best Self

That was the theme and the name of the badge that we earned this month.

First we colored and described ourselves, using the elf picture provided in the My Best Self Brownie Guide.

Then I asked them each to draw a picture or write about something that makes them happy. Then told them that whenever they feel upset, sad, or discouraged, they should remember what makes them happy and to do it. Whether it is a pet, a favorite TV show, or a sport, doing that activity will help their mood.

Next we talked about bandaids. I brought different sizes and kinds of bandaids and talked about which kinds are for which purpose. Oh I did have several volunteer stories of all their past injuries and scars. LOL :) Since I had brought a box of different colored bright neon bandaids, I let everyone choose 2 colors to take home.

Finally, I told them why it is important to drink water and I challenged each of them to drink water (no soda or juice) for 1 week. To start them off, I sent them home with a small bottle of water as a reminder!

The final requirement for the badge was to meet a "health helper", which we did at our February meeting when our friend, Laura, came to our meeting to talk about her work at a hospital helping mothers and babies in the maternity ward.

This is our badge we earned:

Extra activities this month:

First we went on our first overnight trip as a troop! We went to the St Louis Magic House! We had 3 hours of free time including a scavenger hunt, then stayed in one of the exhibits. We were assigned to the Congress exhibit! We slept in a replica of the Legislative Branch, where most of the girls sprawled out across the stage and along the edge on the side. Adults stayed on the carpeted area at the back of the room. :) Not sure it was much softer, but it was only 1 night. :)


We also have a trip to the Treehouse Wildlife Center at the end of the month.
Looking forward to it!

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