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Monday, April 22, 2013

Kitten Scrappy Tutu

Laila has a huge love for kittens right now. She sleeps with her stuffed kitty every night, she keeps asking for more "kitty apps", and I recently found her an adorable gray and pink kitten jumper at Goodwill! Here she is wearing it with her stuffed kitty (named "Kitty":) and our 12 year old kitten, Lexi.

Since she wants to wear dresses every single day, I decided I wanted to make her another fabric scrappy tutu (I made her Valentine one here) using kitten fabric. They are very easy no sew projects and all you have to do is cut strips and tie knots!

These are the fabrics I used:

The pink with black kittens and the one below it, with the stripes, are very sparkly! even though you can't tell in the pics. These I bought a half yard of each, for $5.44 total.

The other two were fat quarter singles for $.97 each.


I also used 2 colors of tulle, both sparkly! These were $5.99 at Hobby Lobby but I bought them at 50% off.

I cut about 50 strips, 22 inches each. Then I sort of laid them out in the pattern I wanted.


Then tied them around a 1" ribbon. I tie the ribbon around my leg and work my way around. Nothin' to it!
In process:

Here is my princess twirling around enjoying her new skirt!

I had plenty of fabric left to make a little rosette for her hair:

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