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Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY loft bed

Those of you who know us know that this project was finished over a month ago, but I'm finally getting around to the blog post.

I am so very thankful for my handy husband! He built a loft bed for our girls' bedroom.

He did not follow any plans, just sketched it out and started cutting. It took him a couple days to do the cutting, routing, and sanding. It took me a couple more days to paint it. Then it took an afternoon to assemble it and shop for a mattress. So I guess we devoted about 5 days total to this.

The cost breakdown:
We spent $108.21 on the materials needed (mattress was additional). We used Lowe's top choice lumber (pine). We already had white paint.

I also needed to purchase new mattress covers...found these at good ol' Walmart:

The girls are thrilled and are loving it! Laila got this Lalaloopsy bedding set (lower bunk) for Christmas. She is still getting used to sharing a room with her sister, now that we converted her baby room to a playroom. Our playroom is always in a state of chaos, but at least it is "lived in", and the mess is no longer in my way in the living room. well, most days. :)

After a couple weeks, we also decided that an additional step was needed for the ladder. So it is not pictured but we do have 4 steps now; we needed about 10 inches between each step.

So Much Fun!!!

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