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Friday, May 31, 2013

Paper bag scrapbook album - 3rd Grade

The end of the school year...
time to thank another great teacher...
and another paper bag photo scrapbook album has been delivered.

You can see last years album HERE.

I had some school themed scrapbook paper in my supply, and I also had some new ones. Whenever I see new patterns at Michaels I can't resist grabbing a few when they are on sale for .12c each! I really like the owl pattern, but my favorite is the cursive writing one. Since the class learned cursive writing this year, I thought it was perfect!


I also have a small collection of school themed stickers/embellishments.

Now that I have been making these for teacher gifts for a few years now, I always bring my camera to school functions/parties/trips. I also remind the other parents to send me any good pictures they take throughout the year. I wish I had more pictures of classroom parties, but there is so much going on I usually just don't have enough time to get pictures. But there are plenty of other things throughout the year to capture, like Mini-art, Family Night, Spring Program, and the baby chicks that hatched in the classroom this spring! This year I also made sure to snap some pictures of their projects displayed in the hallway...the graphing project, the Beverly Cleary book project, and the solar system models.

On the front cover, I used my cricut to cut out the teacher's name and school year. On the back cover, I left it blank so that all the students could sign their names. I also had a page in the middle that I left for "special messages" if anyone wanted to write her a special thank you note.



I used school colors of orange and blue ribbon for the edge of the album.

I know the kids love to look through the pictures on the last day of school, and what kid doesn't look for themselves on every page? Ha!

Have a great summer!

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  1. where did you get the cursive scrapbook paper??? email me at