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Monday, May 21, 2012

Paper bag mini scrapbook

The end of a great school year calls for a great end of year teacher gift. I couldn't choose between 2 of my favorite ideas, so I made them both.

Last year I made a paper bag mini scrapbook, and the teacher and whole class loved it. So I made another one this year.

Last years scrapbook:

I asked the parents to send me pictures that they had taken of all sorts of school events such as classroom parties, Christmas program, field trips, class presentations, spring play, birthdays, etc. Then I have them printed and I arrange them into the scrapbook.

I learned how to make these at a mom's group last year (thanks Cristalle!) but found a video tutorial here. If you want to keep it simple, all you need is paper bags, scrapbook paper, ribbon/twine, and adhesive (I ran out of scrapbook adhesive so I resorted to a  glue stick!) Or, if you are a serious scrapper, you can go all out with your embellishments. I am somewhat of a scrapper but just keep a very basic supply stash, so my album is fairly simple.

4 paper bags will give you 14 pages, plus a front and back cover. I used 4 bags and 4 sheets of scrapbook paper.


1. Lay your paper bags in alternating directions with the flaps facing up. Watch the video tutorial here if you need a "visual".

2. Use a hole puncher to make 2 holes along the center line to put your ribbon through. This helps to hold your "album" together.

3. Tie lots of fun ribbon strands onto the main ribbon for added flair. I had a ribbon with apples on it and the rest were just school colors.

4. Cut your scrapbook paper into 6" x 6" squares.

*Tip: if you buy the 6" x 12" bags, and fold them in half, it creates 6" x 6" pages, which makes it really easy for you to cut your paper. Scrapbook paper comes in 12 x 12. If you cut it in half lengthwise and widthwise, you get 4 pieces of paper that are 6 x 6 each. Cool!

[caption id="attachment_803" align="aligncenter" width="300"] 12" x 12" sheet of scrapbook paper[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_804" align="aligncenter" width="300"] 6" x 6" sqares of scrapbook paper[/caption]

5. Apply your scrapbook paper to the bag "pages" and then apply your photos.

6. Embellish, Embellish, Embellish!!!

[caption id="attachment_807" align="aligncenter" width="300"] School-themed, teacher-themed, field trip-themed stickers[/caption]

My favorite part about these albums is that by layering the bags in alternating directions, The openings of the bags create these cute little pockets that can hold additional photos or notes or keepsakes.

I also believe teachers could always use a refreshing drink so I picked up an insulated cup and some crystal light single packets to create this gift found here. There is even a printable download for the straw flag which says "Thank you for quenching my thirst for knowledge."  There is even a version for a teacher's aide! You can see my finished product in the top picture above.

Welcome summer!

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