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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chalkboard Flower Pots

Happy Mother's Day!!

For Mother's Day we usually get my mom and my mother-in-law flowers of some sort, whether its a hanging basket or flower pots. I have been having fun with chalkboard paint lately and decided to decorate my own pots and plant them myself for our wonderful moms. I bought 8" terra cotta pots and flowers and a can of chalkboard spray paint.

1. First I taped off the rim with painter's tape.

2. Primed and Painted (I used 2 coats of paint). I also used the little "coffee filter in the bottom of the pot" trick. Helps prevent the soil from coming out the hole in the bottom.

3. Planted the flowers.

4. Decorated with chalk...the FUN part! It was fun because I got the kids involved. There wasn't much room left after I wrote out " Happy Mother's Day", but they managed to squeeze in a little artwork of their own. Wouldn't it be cute for them to leave cute little messages on them when they visit their grandma's? Or for grandmas to leave cute little messages for them when they come to visit?

The kids helped with everything except the spray painting.

*Note: Be sure to leave the watering step to an adult.

After I took my pretty pictures, I let the kids do the watering and the chalk ran all down the sides of the pots. Not so pretty, but the grandmas still loved them.

Easy as Pie!

My 2 sweet girls...who made me a mother...brought home some surprises for me! Aren't those the best? Gift cards are great, a few hours alone to myself is better, but seeing my children bouncing through the door proudly giving me their homemade mothers day gifts...the BEST!

Miss L made a card at preschool with her handprint. The card has the well-known Fingerprints poem. It gets me every time! All I have to do is read the first line and I'm already tearing up! I'm such a sap!

Miss E planted a flower for me. It came home in none other than a red solo cup, so I moved it to a small terra cotta pot that I painted with chalkboard paint. She also made me 2 cards!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day!


  1. This is so fun! My girls would love it! Happy Mother's Day Melissa!

  2. This Neena LOVED her flower pot!! Thank you so much!