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Friday, June 28, 2013

Kids Craft - Dreamcatchers

I post all the time about crafts that I enjoy. And a lot of them are done with my kids next to me doing something similar with more "kid-like" materials. This week my kids did a project entirely on their own, without any help from me.

Like any kid, they occasionally have bad dreams, my oldest especially. We have a lot of mornings tripping over  kids on the floor in our room because they find their way into our room during the night. We have also had several nighttime storms lately. Thunder at bedtime is not something you want to go to sleep to.

So in an effort to help them feel more comfortable in their room, and encourage their creativity, I suggested that they make their own Dreamcatchers!

Since this is a kid project, it is very cheap and made with very common items.

We started with paper plates, yarn, lots of stickers, and tape. Because my kids LOVE tape!!!

First, cut a hole out for the center. Then string pieces of yarn from side to side to create a web in the center. Then decorate the outer circle with anything you want. Also, you can hang yarn from the bottom and add random things from around the house that you like, ours are very random!

Here are the finished products:

Since they share a room, they chose to hang it on their bunk bed.

Goodnight.....sleep tight.....don't let the bed bugs bite! (That's what we say every night at bedtime!).

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