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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November Wreath

If you are a Pinterest follower of mine, you are probably aware of my love affair with wreaths. One of my Pinterest boards is even titled "I'm in love with wreaths!" There are just so many ways to personalize a wreath, you can make them out of anything, they can be simple or extravagant, and you can change your design for different seasons and holidays!

Since Halloween is over, and November has arrived, it was time for my Halloween wreath to come down. Here is my November wreath. It is a pretty simple yarn wreath. I wrapped "Cafe" (brown) yarn around a straw wreath form, hot gluing every so often. Then I chose 2 complimentary fall white and orange...and created the X pattern with them. Then I added some felt rosettes, leaves, and a berry sprig. I usually use ribbon to hang my wreaths, but I didn't want to distract from the wreath itself this time, so I just used some twine.

My inspiration came from a wreath I saw on Etsy which cost $57 with shipping!

Here is my cost breakdown:

Straw wreath form ---- $3

3 shades of yarn ---- $9 (would cost much less if you already have the colors that you want on hand)

berry sprig ---- $1

felt in 3 shades (for the rosettes) ---- $1

Total $14 ...  again, if you have lots of yarn already, and can make use of what you have, this could only cost you a few $$!

Happy November!!
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