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Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Table Decor

Burlap Table Runner and Thanksgiving Tree

I never use freezer paper in the kitchen, but I do use it for crafting. It even says right on the box that it is good for arts and crafts! I guess their marketing department decided to reach those of us who are too busy crafting to spend time in the kitchen. Ha!

My first freezer paper stenciling project turned out well! I cut out the "Give Thanks" font using Cricut Craft Room - my friend Sarah showed me all about it and I used her laptop to connect to my Cricut so we could play around with it. I cut out the image on freezer paper (shiny side DOWN! - I must remember that next time) using my Cricut.

Then I ironed the freezer paper to my burlap, painted the letters, peeled the paper away, and my table runner was done! Very easy!


Then for a centerpiece, I punched out scalloped circles and asked Emma to write down things that she and her sister were thankful for. Then we attached the circles to sticks and used a vase to set them in.

Very simple but treasured project!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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