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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lalaloopsy Birthday Cake

A very special little girl in our family just turned 4 and she LOVES her Lalaloopsy girls! Naturally, we had a Lalaloopsy birthday party for her.

For her cake, I saw an idea for what I wanted to do months ago, and since we have plenty of props for it, I figured we could do something similar.

I started with 3 pans. I used a 6 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch. I baked Pillsbury Devil's Food Cake for all layers. I used 2 boxes; 1 box filled the 10 inch, and the other box filled the 6 inch and 8 inch. They all took about the same time in the oven. The 6 inch took a little longer because it was thicker, but only by a few minutes.


I also made homemade buttercream frosting, which was a first for me.

I used Taste of Home's Easy Vanilla Buttercream recipe; click HERE for the recipe. I doubled it and it was just barely enough; probably should've tripled it especially when using chocolate cake, cause those black crumbs are difficult to hide.

It definitely helps to make some room in the freezer to put your cake in after the crumb coat. It helps the final coat to spread and stay put better.

Crumb coat ready for final layer of frosting:

The decorating was the most fun I've ever had decorating a cake! I think the most fun I've ever had baking!

In process:
I used my handy Wilton Dessert Decorator to pipe the rosettes around the edges:


After I finished frosting and piping the cake, the birthday girl helped me place her Lalaloopsy girls (by the way, there are over 50 different dolls, but we have a select number of them so far) around the edges. Then placed the Ferris Wheel which she got last year for the cake topper. Then we got a little carried away and added the pets and some props.

She LOVED her cake!!! And it was delicious too!

I love baking our own birthday cakes cause we can personalize them so much and save a ton! This cost me about $2.50 for the cake mixes. And less than $5 for the frosting. And we had about 16 guests and only ate half of it!

Most of all, I love making memories with my family!


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