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Monday, October 29, 2012

Lalaloopsy Birthday

My baby is 4!!!!

I am so so proud of this little angel!

She loves pink and purple.
Her favorite show is Team Umizoomi.
She has to watch Toy Story with ALL of her Toy Story friends on her lap!
She loves fruit, especially strawberries!
She loves to pretend play with her kitchenset, play school, play house, and play other words, she likes to PRETEND! Which is great for her growing imagination!

Here are a few "Laila-isms": see if you can figure out what she is trying to pronouce: roller poster, hanitizer, it's froggy out, bisgussing, bessert, and kepuch. Okay, she now says "ketchup" correctly, but sometimes we still call it kepuch cause its just cute. :)


First, I like to look back at her first few birthdays...
LOVE that one in the middle of her first birthday cake!
Chocolate Face!!
So, this year she celebrated at school on Friday and at home on Saturday.

On Friday morning she brought donut treats to preschool...and then spent the afternoon at big sister's school helping with the fall festival. She got to wear a birthday crown but since my camera died, I'll have to wait until I can get pictures that her teacher took.

On Saturday we celebrated with family and food!

Emma had her last soccer game of the season and was getting her medal.

It was a little chilly...but Grant was nice and warm...

Then we celebrated at our home for the afternoon. We got to love on baby Grant some more...

Laila LOVES her Lalaloopsy girls, so naturally, she got plenty of Lalaloopsy gifts to open! And also a few other things she loves, like playdoh and a Jessie doll (from Toy Story).

And for the cake...I saw a picture months ago that gave me the idea. And since we have no shortage of Lalaloopsy items, I figured I could do something similar. I will save the details for a separate post later this week, but here is a sneak peak...

If you've never heard of Lalaloopsy before, they are a wildly popular set of dolls, each with a unique personality and pet, which came to life out of the fabric they were created in. Here is more of a summary courtesy of Wikipedia:

"...designed to teach kids that everybody is unique in their own special way... promotes the idea that old things can become new again, everything can be repurposed and nothing should ever go to waste"... to "encourage a child's imagination and creativity" and "teach important life lessons such as diversity, individuality and the idea that everything deserves a second life."

Just to give you an idea, the names of some of the ones we have are Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Spot Splatter Splash, Bea Spells a Lot, Pillow Featherbed, and Jewel Sparkles.

Happy Birthday Laila!

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