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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

The leaves are falling (so are those wild acorns!), air is cooling, and the furnace has been kicked on! My house is finally ready for Fall!

I finally finished the final touches on my Fall decor today.

I really wanted a monogrammed pumpkin this year, and I wanted a big one so that you could see it coming up to our house. So we picked out a beautiful 28 pounder at the pumpkin patch last weekend. My family thought I was crazy when they saw that I had spray painted it black! I told them, just wait and you'll see. There's a method to my madness! I printed off a gigantic  letterK (French Script font), placed it on the pumpkin, and attached thumbtacks where the K was. Neat, huh? See, you just wouldn't get that same effect on an orange pumpkin.

And my Halloween wreath that I made a few weeks ago is greeting everyone at the front door. You can read about how I made it HERE.

Inside the front door...


In the dining room/kitchen...

Cookie Jar!

In the living room, I have my candy corn tree on the TV stand...I just hot glued candy corn onto sticks from the yard.

Then the part I had the most fun with, the china cabinet display (since I don't have a mantle)...

I found 2 fall printables that I really liked, so I framed them. I couldn't pick just one! One is a fall themed subway art. The other is a trick or treat sign with a spooky little owl on a tree branch.

On the right is framed art by Laila! She brought home these pictures of pumpkins, acorns, and leaves that she colored and cut at preschool.

In the center is a large hurricane vase that I filled with a candle, and lots of acorns from the driveway.
On either side of it are mini pumpkins and 2 candleholders that I spray painted black.

And everything is sitting on my new burlap placemat. I just cut to size a piece from my scraps, sewed around the edges, gave it a little frayed edge, and there it is! I am thinking that it might need some kind of stencil detail, I just need to decide what to stencil onto it...FALL? BOO?

Is your house ready for FALL? What is your favorite fall theme? I think my house is screaming PUMPKINS!!!

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