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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Felt Flower Pillow


I'm so thankful for a great evening on Friday night. Our church hosts "Art & Soul" , which is a ladies craft night held once a month. I have been wanting to check it out for so long, and I finally went this weekend and I'm so glad I did! I wanted to bring a simple project to work on, so that I could get to know people while I crafted. So I brought a pillow and some felt to work on a pillow project. I actually finished it in about an hour!

I am loving gray and yellow these days. And I had a plain yellow square pillow already at home. I bought some dark gray felt (technically "smoke") from Michaels. I used 3-4 sheets of it which cost about $1!

First I cut 3 sizes of petals; 1 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch. I started with the outer layer, laying them down in a circle, and moved toward the center, overlapping the petals as I worked around. For the center, I just folded some of the 1 inch petals in half and glued them down.

Sorry for the lack of "in process" pictures, but I didn't take my camera with me and I honestly didn't think I would get it all done while I was there! I had kinda planned on just cutting felt and chatting away all night. :) But one of the ladies had glue (E6000) so I borrowed it to tack them all down, and I finished! But if you would like some "in process" pictures, go HERE to see the steps I found on pinterest.


So there, I can finally check off one of my pillow projects off my list! Yay!! And I met some great talented ladies and can't wait to go back next month!

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