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Monday, August 13, 2012

Sewing 101

Emma has been asking for a sewing machine for a couple years now. I really don't know what sparked this interest since she has never seen me or anyone she knows using one. I have never touched one; I am a more of a glue gun and heat-n-bond kinda gal. But she just enjoys crafts and knows that sewing is a craft. My mother-in-law told her that she would have to wait until she's 8 to have one (for good reason; that is the recommended age for the beginner's sewing machines). So this week she turns 8 and guess what she got her. Yep! Thank you Neena! <3

So I watched some you-tube videos for beginner sewers like us and we had our first sewing class today!

I started by drawing some designs on plain paper and having her follow the lines using a straight stitch. If you look closely, you can see the needle holes in the paper to see how well she was able to follow the lines.

Straight Lines:

Maze-like Lines:

Whatever-you-want-to-call-this shape:

She even drew a design of her own!

I also had her do her name:

Then we tried a circle:

She really was good for her very first time and is already ready to try the real thing.

We just need to get to a craft store to buy some thread!

This will be a whole new adventure for us trying to thread the machine, so I hope we can figure it out!

More to come later...

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