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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fabric Shopping

Today I took Emma fabric shopping...and Laila too of course...she had a gift card to spend from her birthday and since she got a sewing machine (if you read the latest blog post), we needed some thread and some fabric to get started.

The ones on the left are the ones she got from Aunt Erin, the ones on the right are the ones she picked out at Walmart. These are fat quarter singles so they are perfect for practicing on since they are only 97 cents each!

The one at the bottom is a one yard stash starter and she just really liked the print so she got it!

Laila had us laughing pretty good. She kept saying she wanted a "cinnamon roll"...and after I picked her up and asked her to show me what she wanted, it was technically a "jelly roll" in the fabric department and looked something like this:

Ha Ha! It DOES look like a cinnamon roll and this is only a picture I found online to show you sort of what she saw. I can't upload pictures from my phone, or I would have taken a picture in the store. The one she had her eye on was a hot pink one. I told her she had to wait until she was 8. :D

I was able to successfully thread the machine...

yay me!

...didn't realize it was 4 separate processes!

...none of you warned me!

...but Emma was very patient

...and we started on a pillow for her doll. It is mostly finished but we want to applique her name to it so that is tomorrow's project. I might have the Cricut and the Brother out at the same glad I have a nice big dining room table!

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