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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bathroom facelift

Sometimes you just need a change. I have been wanting a new shower curtain for awhile, but just hadn't made time to look for one. I strolled through the aisle at Target while shopping for back to school supplies, and found one I loved. Its crazy how I manage to find the best things not when I'm out looking specifically for them, but when I randomly happen to walk down an aisle and notice them out of the corner of my eye. Am I the only one that has weird luck like that?

When you have a small bathroom, the shower curtain is 50% of the room! So a simple update can make a big difference.

As soon as I was ready to put up my new shower curtain, I realized how ugly and worn the old rod and rings were. So I picked up a bronze one. But instead of buying new curtain clips I decided to use an idea I saw on pinterest. The pinterest link is only a picture, so the steps I used are below.

This was my inspiration:

This is my creation:

I had some silver beaded napkin rings that I found at Target a few Christmas seasons ago. They usually sit in the drawer of my china cabinet, but they are too pretty to be hiding in there, so I thought they needed to be brought out of their hiding place.

I had to decide on a ribbon color. I like my fairly neutral bathroom. It is mostly cream/white shades, so I decided I needed something bolder for my ribbon detail. I chose simply sheer black.


First, place your napkin rings onto the rod and hang it up.

Cut your ribbon into 12 pieces. I made each piece 3ft long. So you'll need 36 ft of ribbon to achieve the same look as mine; more if you like longer pieces.

Singe the ends of your ribbon to prevent fraying. I just use a quick flick of a lighter.

Thread one end of your ribbon through a curtain hole. Then thread that same end through the ring. Then thread the opposite ribbon end through the ring in the opposite direction. Then tie your bow! Try to make sure you're pulling on each bow the same amount as you work your way across, so that your curtain hangs evenly. This is a picture of my ribbon right before I tied the bow.

Tip* Tie a piece of string to your curtain rod on 2-3 curtain holes just enough to hold your curtain up while you work on the other rings.

I love it! As Laila helped me put the rings on the rod, she said "they're so SPARKLY!" :D Yes, honey, we like sparkle! Sparkle is good!

I also have a vinyl liner on the inside that desperately needed cleaned. I followed the instructions on the 320 Sycamore blog.     And I couldn't believe how clean it got! Looks brand new! You do NOT need to buy a new one!

I couldn't stop with just the new shower curtain, so I updated my decor.

Hooks/Accents/Soap Jar

I added some new hooks for towels. In a small bathroom, towel rods stick out and take up room, and they are always falling off the walls on us. Plus the hooks make it easier for the kids to hang up their own towels!

To balance out the black ribbon , I added some black accent pieces. I had some old mason jars that I wrapped in twine! Then added a simple black ribbon.

I created a mason jar soap dispenser. I asked hubs (thanks honey!) to drill a hole in the lid. Then I spray painted the lid and rim black. And filled with soap! I just used the pump from an old soap dispenser.

My cost for the shower curtain, rod, ribbon, towel hooks, and decor was about $50.

Not exactly thrifty, but a very fancy easy new look without having to paint walls!

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