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Friday, August 24, 2012

Projects projects projects!

I was just wondering...

Do you finish one project before starting another?

Or are you like me and have several half-finished projects lying around?

I blame this on 2 things.

The lack of a local craft store and the lack of a craft space.

So I do the best I can with what I have. And if I had a fairy godmother and had to choose between the two, I would choose the craft space. We do have room in our office, but with hubs working from home out of the office, I gather my materials, take them to the dining room, and spread out there. Then dinner time comes and the kids eat at the breakfast nook,  hubs grabs a tv tray and gets comfy on the couch, and I eat standing up while waiting on them. Then after a few days, I really want my table back so I reclaim it, and take everything back to the office (unfinished) , until I get another crafty whim and pull it all out again. Right now, the sewing machine is sitting on part of it!

So since I found myself making an actual LIST of projects I'm working on, or am thinking up, I thought I'd take some pics to help me with my list.

This is a pile of frames that I plan to paint black for the man cave. My husband has a collection of sport pictures and autographs that were all in different wooden frames. I think that by painting them all uniform and displaying them in a more eye-catching gallery display, they will look better.

These are 2 frames that I want to mod podge pictures of the kids onto. I just need to capture a couple good pictures first!

Wreaths! These are grapevine wreaths that I plan to spray paint, then add ribbon and embellishments for different seasons.

The straw wreaths I will probably wrap in burlap then embellish.

These are embroidery hoops that I plan to fill with fabric and decorate.

Which leads me to my growing pile of FABRIC! It's actually not much, for a crafter. But since I'm not much of a sewer (I am a beginner), I haven't accumulated much yet.

This is my crate of old Tshirts. From old tees you can cut strips for tshirt necklaces, bracelets, scarves, or fabric flowers.

Or you can make workout tees.


This is my collection of old pillows that I want to stuff and recover:

I found lots of ideas from pinterest; this is a compilation of them.

In fact, I created a "pillow" board so they wouldn't get lost among all my other pins.

I love all the different looks you can create.

Colors, neutrals, Squares, circles, bows, ruffles, monograms, oh my! So many possibilities...

I have mentioned a couple of these projects in previous posts, and this shows you that I haven't forgotten about them yet. They are works in progress. And since I try to be as thrifty as possible, sometimes I have old things around that I discover can be repurposed into something new, without necessarily digging through my craft crates. Which is why this just cracks me up:

I see all these gorgeously elaborately organized craft rooms on pinterest, and my eyes just love to stare at those pictures. It makes me so happy just looking, but I choose to be happy with what I have, and will continue to craft and create anyway. And when I catch my kids creating things in their own way, with their little imaginations running wild, that's just the best!

Although... it never hurts to dream about the Michaels Craft Closet, as seen on TLC's Craft Wars...

So no matter what your budget or your space is defined by, create anyway! I will! Just need to decide what to work on first. Ha!

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