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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Little girl's embellished Tshirt

I love crafting.

And food.

And catching up with good friends.

So ladies craft night is the perfect Saturday night if you ask me! This weekend I hosted my 3rd craft night in my home and we had a great time! All 9 of us got our creativity on and worked on all sorts of things from scrapbooking to wreaths to embroidery.

I didn't take pictures of us busily chatting working away, but I do have a picture of my final project. My youngest daughter needed something to wear to Valentines Day..she is a big preschooler, now ya know! And I happened to find this adorable idea over at   I used the idea on a plain tee and used different colors. I printed off letters in a cute "kiddish" font onto paper, cut them out, traced them onto felt scraps, and hand stitched them onto the tee. For the "o", I used some leftover sparkly denim fabric from my older daugher's jeans that I hemmed last month.

*Sidenote: Why are pants so ridiculously long anyhow?? I cut off 5 3/4 inches off each leg! But I kept the hem cause it was cute material.

My cost for this project was just $3.99 for the tee...and only because I didn't use a 40% off coupon at Michaels. But you could do it for much cheaper if you already have a plain tee sitting around or can find a cheaper one.

So now my cute little Valentine has a new adorable tee for Valentine's, or any day really!





  1. Good idea. She looks adorable. I'm loving her Mary Tyler Moore hair!

  2. Can't decide who/what is more cute - Laila or the shirt?
    Laila is such a model.....who taught her that?