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Thursday, January 12, 2012


What do you visualize when you're told to bring an old T-shirt to craft time? Maybe some painting or some stitching? How about a trendy accessory? At my mom's group (MOPS) this week we made these fun T-shirt scarf/necklaces...not sure exactly what to call them but they were such a hit! We were all told to bring an old T-shirt (or two). Then one of the mentor moms got us started by showing us how and the creativity started flowing! Some of use even started trading color strips to add more variety. It was a lot of fun and easy too. All you have to do is cut the T-shirt (preferably seamless) into horizontal strips from the bottom to the armit. Then pull the strips so they stretch and curl. Then loop and tie! Mine is pink, white and gray and I add the finishing touches at home by adding the rolled fabric flowers that I made from the leftover sleeves. So here's a shot of my finished product! Whaddya think?

The best part of this craft is that it can't get much thriftier; it was entirely free!  I guess that would be called a "Repurpose" in the craft world, or maybe a "Refashion"!

1 comment:

  1. This looks so cool, Melissa. Will have to try it next time you come to visit. I might need first hand instructions!!! We have lots of old tee shirts here.
    I like the way you made those 'rolled flowers' too.
    Keep it up!!!