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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another January Birthday

Yes our family has a few January birthdays, 5, to be exact. But this person is getting spoiled the husband!

He does so much for our little family so he deserves only the best. We went on a fun family outing on Sunday. Then yesterday my girls and I put on our aprons and got to work! Since he is a sports fanatic, I decided to make a football cake. This was actually very simple - no rearranging cake pieces, no fancy decorating tips, only 2 colors of icing and I didn't even need food coloring since I just needed the basic chocolate and vanilla!

Here is the football cake:


And here is a picture of him with our girls; they are so lucky to have him for a Daddy!



I am trying out a few new recipes this week and so far I'm 2 for 2! Tonight I made Slowcooker Cashew Chicken from  {} and it was delicious! I will share the others as soon as I try them all out. But tonight's homemade Chinese was a hit!

Happy Birthday Honey!!

We also celebrated our youngest's first day of preschool today. She fit right in and did great and told her teacher "I'll come back tomorrow, okay?" so I think that means she loves it. We're a little sad now that both girls are at "school" for atleast a couple hours during the day, but it gives me just enough free time to explore more thrifty crafty ideas, and more time to spend on my blog.

Here is a picture of her this morning all ready to go:

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