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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Girls Day Out

What a fabulous day!

My mom came down to visit for a few days and we planned a very special girls day out. St Louis opened a new American Girl store a couple months ago so we just had to make a trip there. Laila has a bitty baby that was her older sister's, and Emma (older sister) got a "Just Like Me" doll for Christmas. We had lunch in the bistro and the girls ordered mac n cheese. The girls' dolls had their own adorable booster seats, and mini cups and saucers. We all had their signature pink lemonade...yum!

Emma picked out the skater outfit set, a pair of reading glasses, and a hairbrush for her doll. Laila, who loves anything miniature, picked out a breakfast in bed set and a bitty blender set. As soon as she got home, she immediately set up her new play food for her Backyardigans and Lalaloopsies! Silly girl. And Emma was excited to see the "Addy" display because her class read the book during the school year.

After that, we made our first ever visit to Trader Joes. I had been wanting to check it out for a long time. I just wanted to see what they had and try some new foods. We loved the little kid shopping carts. My new foods to try: eggplant cutlets, almond butter, and pineapple salsa. Boy, those sound gross when you put them altogether, don't they?

Thankfully we were home in time to rest up before older sister's baseball game. Perfect ending to a fabulous day! Thanks to Grandma for spoiling us today, but more important, for just coming down and spending some quality time with us! Need to do it again soon...

I wanted some new creative layouts for my pictures, so I decided to give pic monkey a go. Check it out!

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