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Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Friend Week

This week Laila was "Super Friend" at her preschool. That means that her picture is displayed in the classroom all week, she is the special helper, and she gets to share her favorite things. How cute is that?! She looks like such a big girl in this picture...sniff sniff...

On Monday she brought her Minnie Mouse and one of her favorite books we've been reading at home "Teachers".

On Wednesday she brought in her favorite snack to share with her friends...strawberries!! To her, there is nothing better in the world than strawberries! I don't think you could fully understand how much she loves them until you see the way she comes running when I tell her I have them. She is so excited that she drops everything. I'm the best mommy in the world in that moment of time. I could probably get her to do anything if I promised her a big bowl of 'em! Oh yeah, and she also brought some cheese cubes.

After watching "Tori and Dean's Season Finale" this week {how dare you judge me, I survived high school thanks to Donna, Kelly, and Brenda!}, I realized I need to spend more time doing things like this with her:

Now I don't go around doing everything that Tori Spelling does, but watching her have a tea party with her daughter made me realize that sometimes I get so caught up in our daily schedule (school drop offs, pickups, lunchtime, dinnertime, bathtime, homework, errands, bills, etc) that I need to make myself stop and

1)  take more moments for uninterrupted quality time

2)  take more pictures

3)  get to know my daughter(s).

So we had a tea party! You can see that she invited Minnie Mouse and Pablo. She got half a dozen Lalaloopsies for Christmas, but she chose her good ol' favorites.

On Thursday a good friend called and was on her way into town and wanted to know if we could meet at the February...very unusual here in the Midwest! We have really been spoiled this week with beautiful weather in the 60s. Normally in February, if we are outside, it is usually in snow suits. But this week we really only need sweatshirts...NICE!! It has been like this all week! Here are a few snapshots of my little one on the playground:

Here is a picture of her sister at the same playground at the same age (couldn't get the pics to load side by side:(

So that was our week. Next week we will be busy preparing for classroom Valentine parties! I can't wait!

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