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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fun with cinnamon rolls

I saw these heart shaped cinnamon rolls on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and meant to make them for Valentines Day. I was only a couple days late but I do love my kids every day so I guess it's ok if Imake them on days besides February 14, right?

Here is my version. They were just as easy as regular cinnamon rolls. I just bought a can of them at the store. All you do is gently unroll it, leave the inside curl, curl the opposite end, shape it into a heart shape, and pinch the bottom to make a point.

As I was taking the picture, I decided that next time I make cinnamon rolls, I want to do something even more fun, so this morning I decided to spell my kids' names out with them. I managed to spell both their names using only 1 can. I even added a heart and at the request of one of the kids, a clover! Yeah, that's supposed to be a clover in the lower right corner.

This picture is probably not going to win any food blog awards since it is not the prettiest,

but it is fun for a 7 year old and a 3 year old to get to pick out a letter from their name to eat.

So for .40 cents  per can, (I bought these last week when the Pillsbury rolls were on sale for $1, plus I used a .30 cent coupon that doubled) I was able to make one very special breakfast. I actually bought 7 cans that day since i had extra coupons, so if you think of any other fun ideas for cinnamon rolls, please let me know!

Learning moment opportunity: For .40 cents, my second grader could tell you that you could use 1 quarter+1 dime+1nickel, 4 dimes, or 40 pennies. Yes she is learning how to count money, make change, and even write a check! No kidding! I think I better hide the checkbook soon!  Either that or teach her how to pay the bills for me! :D

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