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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cancer Awareness Wreath

This is one man in my life who I deeply respect and love. My Father-in-Law! He has struggled through cancer for the past couple years but has remained very strong in the eyes of his children and grandchildren. He just completed another 5 week round of radiation treatments and got to ring the bell!

I sure wish there was more we could do for him through all of this. We think of him and pray for him all the time. We "zumba-d" last year for cancer awareness, and we've been to Relay For Life to see him stand up for what he's fighting.

His whole community is behind him, and to raise more awareness I made this wreath for their front door. Because We Have HOPE in him!!

Now for the details...I wrapped a straw wreath form in natural burlap ribbon. Wrapped the bottom right corner with purple ribbon, added flowers and a little more ribbon and a bow at the top. Since I just love the look of the center pennant, I added one of those too using scrapbook stickers to spell out "HOPE".

I like to make and re-make wreaths (for different seasons) a lot, so I started using these Tpins that work great for wreaths! They go right in and hold things in place and come out easily for when you're ready to change out your flowers, bows, ribbons, anything. They just look like a staple once they're in.

We Love You Mike!

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