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Monday, May 19, 2014

Girl Scout Apr-May Meetings

Our last 2 scout meetings for the year I combined into 1 post. The meetings were actually very similar.
For April, we had a Game Night. We played Apples to Apples (Junior edition) and Twister. The real twister, not the Cookie Twister game that we played earlier this year.

For our craft we made yarn hearts. I supplied wire and yarn and let them get to work.You can use either green floral wire or craft wire, and we just shaped them into the form of hearts, twisting at the center to hold.

I didn't get any pictures of the finished creations at the meeting but here are the ones we made at home. The one on the left is the first one I made. The one on the right (yes, that's supposed to be a heart, lol) is Emma's.

These are just decorative things you can hang anywhere you want. While planning for these, I had a thought to make yarn nests for the birds.
 Something like this found at

You fill something with all kinds of things that birds can use to make nests with; yarn, string, cotton, fabric scraps, lots of different things. A great idea would have been to save those mesh bags that produce comes in, but I didn't think in enough advance to save up. So that's an idea that I might save for this summer for my kids at home.

For May, our last meeting, I decided to play another game. I brought Brain Quest. It is similar to Trivial Pursuit, where they spin and get a category, and answer trivia questions from each category, collecting tokens as they answer correctly. They actually knew most of the answers in the 4th grade category, and did pretty well. The categories were Arts, Science, Math, Reading, and The World.

Duct tape is so popular with this age group these days that I chose to do duct tape crafts. I brought several rolls that I bought at Walmart and Michaels. Office Depot also lots of neat duct tape designs!!I showed them how to make a braided bracelet. One of the girls brought her tape from home and even showed the other girls how to make bows, wallets, and purses. I also practiced making flowers before the meeting but its more complicated and we didn't get to it but it is pinned on my Pinterest page for the future.

The girls are all signed up for an overnight trip to a local museum in July that should be lots of fun.

I received this awesome leader appreciation gift from our council leader. I have decided to resign as troop leader because Emma is dedicating all her time to playing girls select softball and is not going to be a scout next year. I'm still working on finding a new leader.

Have a great summer!!

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