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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stocking Stuffers

It is snowing! We are only getting an inch or two, but it is blustery cold out and blowing snow, which really makes it finally feel like Christmas! And with Christmas only 5 DAYS away, I believe we are ready! I saved my stocking stuffer shopping for my last shopping event. I went to Walmart and grabbed everyones favorites.

Yes, we LOVE chocolate! Chocolate kisses, milky ways (Emma's fave), Hersheys (Laila's fave), chocolate Santas, Kit Kats.
Play doh for both girls
Poster crayons for Emma, glitter crayons for Laila
Goldfish for Laila, mini nutella for Emma
Gum and gourmet nuts for Daddy
Coffee for Mommy
John and I both grew up with an orange in our stocking on Christmas morning,
so of course we carry on the tradition, but with cuties.
And of course, baby carrots for Santas reindeer.
It even says right on the bag "Official Snack of Santa!"
Once I load up on stocking stuffers, I'm never sure if everything is going to fit. For some reason, I always worry that I won't have enough to fill them, but every year I end up with too much. So when I got home, I got the stockings out and test-filled them to make sure.

Does anyone else's cats seem to always get comfortable on whatever it seems you are trying to work on? It doesn't matter what it is; pile of laundry, pile of coupons, pile of Christmas stockings...

Yep, there he is. Glaring at me thinking "oh, you didn't need these stockings did you? But they're so warm and comfy!" Silly cat!

Are you ready for Santa?

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