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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Little boy's appliquéd onesies

Since I have little girls, as much fun as they are to shop for, I do enjoy looking for things for my nephews. Every little boy needs an outfit to wear to church, weddings, or any dress up occasion. So when I saw these appliqué onesies, I had to try to duplicate them for my youngest nephews. I have 5, but these were specially made for the 2 youngest, who are still in onesies. :)

And check out the very youngest at his latest outing...isn't he the cutest?!

These were so easy to make.

You need onesies, fabric, and heat n bond.
This is the fabric I picked out from Walmart:

  • 3 pack of onesies...$7 (I also bought matching pants so they would have something to go with their onesies)
  • I bought 1/2 yard fabric of the gray fabric, and 1/4 yard of the other 3 (for the ties this is the least amount you can get away with)
  • The total cost of the fabrics was less than $5, and I estimate I could probably make several more tie appliqués from the amount I have left.

For the tie appliqué, I used the pattern and tutorial from Char at Crap I've Made.

For the vest, I used the idea from Lemon tree creations. But instead of free-handing the vest pattern, I borrowed the Paper Dolls cricut cartridge from a friend and used my cricut to "sort-of" cut the pattern. I haven't used the cricut a lot, but for some reason the 2 halves of the vest were not equal so it was not a mirrored image and it just didn't look right since it needed to be centered over the tie. So I had to do a little extra cutting to get it to fit right, but it was not difficult.

Basically, the steps are:

Print, trace, and cut out your pattern onto card stock.
Fuse your heat n bond to the WRONG side of your fabric
(the side you DON'T want showing)
Trace your pattern onto the heat n bond paper
Cut out your fabric/heatnbond applique
Peel off heat n bond backing
Fuse fabric onto onesie
You can even stitch around your appliqué if you want a more finished look. I tried it on the first couple I did, but decided that although it looks nice, its not necessary, and they are just as cute without.


These are Christmas gifts for the boys, but I'm pretty sure the little guys won't be reading this blog anytime soon, so I figured it was ok to go ahead and post early. :)

Hope they like these!

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