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Thursday, March 15, 2012

First no-sew project

I do not sew. I would love to learn and maybe I wil...someday. But there are so many great no sew projects to try in the meantime. Once I  discovered stitch witchery, I knew I could find lots of possibilities for this stuff.

I started with a table runner for our dining room table. I found the perfect fabric for my dining room at Hobby Lobby. I just measured the width and length that I would need for my runner, and cut the fabric, allowing an extra inch on each side. Then folded the underside edge of the fabric in the samewidth as the stitch witchery. then ironed away. On all 4 sides. voila!

I had actually made this last fall, hence the display of green apples for my centerpiece. And had plenty of fabric leftover to this memo board that you can read more about here if you haven't already. I lovthey choice of fabric more every day. Because I realized that I can use it as both my spring and fall runner. Having bought it last fall, not even realizing It would look so "springy".

This was so easy that I'm tempted to make one for each season...but again...I must pace myself.

Stitch witchery + iron = possibilities!

I also use stitch witchery to hem pants.

I also found a neat product called Heat N Bond I bought it to iron to the back of felt for other projects. But realized that i had many patches to place on my daughter's Girl Scout Brownie sash. I just traced the patches onto the Heat N Bond, cut them out,andironed them on! No sewing required!

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