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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Happy Anniversary to my husband of 11 years!

You're still the icing on my cake!

Wedding Day Pictures...

5 Year Anniversary:

Today...not the best picture with my eyes closed...but we were in a dark wine cellar and the flash was really bright!

Our little trip to wine country...

After spending my days taking care of my husband and kids, it is such a treat to get away and be taken cared of by others. and not just taken cared of, I'm talking PAMPERED! We really don't do date night very often, ok rarely, so every year on our anniversary, we make sure to go somewhere and make it special. Usually it's just an hour or so away to a nice hotel and dinner, with some shopping thrown in there too of course! Thank goodness we have parents who are able to watch our kids every year so that we can do this. This year we decided to go somewhere new after some friends recommended it to us...Hermann, MO. We instantly knew this beautiful bed and breakfast was the perfect place. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted at the door with champagne, and brought to our room where we received a fresh tray of bread, sausage, cheese, and grapes. Our room was very cozy, complete with a balcony, fireplace, jacuzzi, and steam shower!   The view was beautiful overlooking the vineyard and Hermann Hill.

One of my favorite things about bed and breakfasts is reading the journal entries left by others. There was a stack of journals (one of them from 1996!) with entries from people who've stayed in that room over the past years. Many of them were anniversaries, honeymoons, or just special weekends away. So I left a sweet note about why we were there and how much we loved the room. This picture is for my mom who loves Tiffany style lamps! I knew she'd like this one! The light from the lamp made a really funky color in the picture and I'm not real handy with camera settings, so I just made it black and white for a neat effect with the old journals and chair.

Then we went to Stone Hill Winery and took a tour where we tried several kinds of wine and decided on a bottle of Steinberg white wine to take home.

We went out to dinner at a small local restaurant where we ordered fried shrimp. I find it ironic that we never agree on what to make for dinner, but when we go out to eat, we often order the same thing! Kinda romantic huh?

Then around 10pm, we were brought dessert in our room...gourmet chocolate brownies that had chocolate kisses baked in the center, accompanied by ice cream covered in port wine chocolate sauce. Yum!

The next morning we had breakfast in bed...just more pampering...ya know I could easily get used to this! We had both ordered omelets (surprise surprise - although we did order different veggies and toppings). Do you see a trend here? Eat, eat, eat!!! In case you're wondering, that's a mimosa with our breakfast.

Oh sure why not. :)

After breakfast, we visited a chocolate shop so that we could bring home some truffles for my parents as a thank you to them for taking care of our kids while we were gone. We also perused an antique shop just for the heck of it, before heading home. And it got me thinking that its been a long time since I've walked through the antique shops in my own area, so I think I'll be doing that soon to see if I can find any treasures.

So, we had a wonderful night away and here's to many anniversaries ahead of us!...

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  1. It was your golden anniversary! I'm glad it was fun. Those mimosas look so good!