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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kitty cat Valentine bags

Kitty Valentine Bags


I sure wish I had thought of these a few months ago when Laila turned 5 and we had her kitty cat birthday party. But I didn't get the idea until searching Pinterest for kitty valentine ideas. So next time you need an idea for goodie bags, search for your theme in "valentine bags" and it might help your search.

For her preK Valentine exchange, I decided to make these simple cute kitty bags. They are very simple especially if you just draw on the details like I did (except for the ears). And I only had to make 12 because she is in a fairly small class. Emma just brings regular Valentine exchange cards cause there is nothing I feel like making 25 of!

I found pink favor bags at Dollar Tree. I had to find the perfect size circle to trace out the cheeks, the only thing that worked was this old QuikTrip plastic cup! After I traced and cut out the cheeks, I used a black Sharpie to draw the nose, eyes, whiskers, and paws. I cut out triangles for the ears. I used a silver Sharpie to draw a heart on the front where she would write her friends' names.


We filled them with candy and kitty/puppy valentines.

She loves them and I'm sure her friends will know exactly who they're from...all she talks about is kitties, and every time there's show n tell she brings her favorite kitty. Kitty also goes to the store, to church, and sleeps with her every night.

Also, since my girls are crazy about Minecraft, I found some printable Minecraft creepers that you print and cut out and tape around small Hersheys chocolates. Pink for Laila, green for Emma. Then I put a bunch in a cellophane bag for each of them. Here is the link to the Minecraft printables: Over the Big Moon.


Hope you all had a "LOVE-ly" Valentines!!

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